If you are a nature lover and wish to immerse yourself in primitive and tranquil surroundings, do not miss out Ozo Treetop Park when visiting Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in the central of Vietnam. Let’s come and hear cherished whispers from Mother Nature. Ozo Treetop Park - Fly with all senses!



Last summer, in the central province of Quang Binh, Ozo Treetop Park was opened to visitors boosting ‘what to do’ list in the cave kingdom. Besides treetop adventure and water activities, the new tourist attraction also presents Conquering Ozo cave tour for those who want a mix of caving and outdoor challenges.

As a matter of fact, most of daily tours around the park allow tourists visit the caves partly then get back to the same entrance. However, explorers can be fulfilled with excitement and thrill when joining Conquering Ozo cave tour where they will go throughout its length roughly 2.5 km. Tourists will go through an emotional-rollercoaster from anxiety to excitement and eventually relief when they can make their way out of the cave.

From the starting point at Ozo Park, visitors will get equipped with caving gear before setting off the journey of conquering the cave. The walk to the cave takes about half an hour including a short section of jungle trekking and stream wading. On the way to the cave entrance, during summertime, visitors might encounter butterflies gather in groups for food and nourishment along the stream creating such a poetic scene. Before coming to the cave, visitors will pass a century-old tree where they can try different poses for unique pictures.

The cave has a concealed opening shrouded behind some boulders along with inviting see-through water. From the entrance, visitors will put on life-jackets before entering the cave.  The 20 meters long swim is enough to bring everyone joyful and thrilling moments when easing their bodies in such refreshing water. Once leaving the natural pool and climbing up a ladder, the journey to conquer the cave officially begins. Explorers move along the edge of a ravine-like passage before reaching parts where the cave floor is full of white sand making them feel like walking on the beach. When passing by some passages of the cave, people seemingly feel as they are wandering through an indoor aquarium with smooth sapphire-like rock surface.

Despite the fact of not boasting as many formations as in dry caves, Ozo has its fairly delicate stalactites and stalagmites as most of them are covered by glitter coat that by looking afar seems like material to make expensive bling. There are sections where people have to bend down to cross over cluster of cave straws from rather low points of the ceiling.

Bypassing more than half of the way, visitors will be able to hear murmur of underground stream. At this point, everyone can turn off headlights in a few minutes to experience darkness of the cave while listening to the sound of water flowing like a soothing melody whispering in their ears.

One of special features of Ozo cave can not fail to mention is the clear water coming from different subterranean outlets along the cave. The water would become more magical wearing a translucent emerald blue color when people used torches to shine on it.

After more than two hours of exploring, everyone will reach to the end of the cave where they climb up a ladder to make their way out of it. At the ending point of the cave, people can still see and hear the sound of underground stream flowing is a sign that the cave still in the process of growing and its real depth is still a mystery for spelunkers. On sunny days, the rays of sunbeam can penetrate into the exit of the cave creating a stunning view as well an ideal spot for ‘photoholics’.

After making their way our of the cave it’s time for a break before everyone keeps trekking 1.5km through a section of rocky terrain and jungle to get back to Ozo Park.

Finish the journey of conquering the cave, explorers will be served an exquisite lunch with a spread of local dishes like sticky rice, grilled chicken, grilled pork, fish ball, beef wrapped in betel leaf, etc. placing on banana leaf.

After lunch break, it’s time for action-packed challenges at Ozo park. The treetop games require players to be in great shape. Participants can choose a right level for themselves depends on their physical condition with different options like 800m long adventure course, 400m long adventure course or just 150m long zip-line. People can also go down Ozo stream for swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding, etc. afterwards.

A day out full of fun and adventure at Ozo Treetop Park with memorable moments when conquering the cave, challenging with treetop games or immersing in the cool stream just sounds great, doesn't it?


If you are interested in this tour, hit this link for detailed information and booking: https://phongnhaheritage.com.vn/en/conquering-ozo-cave



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